How To Add Live API Data to Your Dashboards with Analytics Extensions
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to bring up-to-date stock data into your Tableau dashboard using Analytics Extensions to augment your data analysis.
Snippets for Popular Extensions API Patterns
There are a few popular combinations you'll use when building a dashboard extension. This is a list of my most popular snippets that combine methods into useful code starters!
Create Custom Charts with the Extensions API
Ever wanted to build a complex chart in Tableau but didn't want to re-learn trigonometry to do? In this tutorial I'll show you how you can use the power of JavaScript visualization libraries and the Tableau Extensions API to build out custom charts!
A Quick Tableau Data Source Mapper
Have you ever opened a massive Tableau workbook with multiple data sources and had no clue which sheets use which sources? Here's a quick tool that you can use to map out data sources and the worksheets that use them!
Use Pipedream and Twilio to Get Texts About Tableau Server Events
With Tableau Server/Online webhooks you can get notified of events any way you choose! With services like Pipedream connecting Tableau Server to other services, like Twilio, is a breeze!
How to Build a Tableau Web Data Connector with OAuth
Let's go through some of the most asked about topics for a WDC like using OAuth and handling CORS errors by building a sample WDC for Reddit.
How to Build a Basic Tableau Web Data Connector
The most important step when using Tableau is bringing in data for analysis. In this tutorial I'll show you one way to bring web-based data into Tableau with a Web Data Connector.
Quick Copy Extension
The process of simply copying information can be tricky in Tableau. This extension makes it really easy for end-users to quickly grab the information they need.
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