Here's a list of tools, apps, and resources I have made for fun or that I thought would be useful. They are here for you to use as is, remix, fork, and share. I simply ask that you don't pass them off as completely your own work or use them to make money.

Web Data Connectors

JSON/XML Data - Link, Code

CSV Data - Link, Code

Toggl Tasks - Link, Code

Airtable - Link, Code

Exchange Rates - Link, Code

Stock Data - Link, Code

Breweries - Link, Code

7-Day Weather - Link, Code

Dashboard Extensions

TREX File Generator - Link

Crosstab Exporter - TREX, Code

MS SQL Writeback - Code

Simple Date Updater - TREX, Code

Date Range Picker - Code

Default Parameter Value - TREX, Code

Show & Hide Sample - Code

Group Admin for Project Leaders - Code

OAauth Sample - Code

Chart.js Polar Area Chart Sample - Code

Analytics API Extension

Live Sample - Code


Webhook Triggered Email - Code

Create Task from Webhook - Code

GUI Webhooks Manager (Experimental) - Code

Other Tableau

Tableau Palette Creator - Link


Easy Check Splitter - Link

Word Unscrambler - Link

Sets Cheater Finder - Link

Find more on my glitch profile.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Keshia, an ex-Tableau Product Manager currently evangelizing Fingerprint Pro to developers who has a love for building fun random apps and helping people solve problems. Keep coming back to my blog to learn how to use Tableau APIs and developer tools or to hear about other cool tech I'm learning about!

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