Hi, I'm Keshia, a Tableau Product Manager, Developer Advocate, Community Helper, and a Random Web Apps Maker.

You may have seen me at DataDev Hackathons…
DataDev Hackathon

Tableau Conference Iron Viz…
Iron Viz 2019

Or just randomly on the street…
Halloween 2019
Oh shoot you weren't supposed to see that one, wait let me erase your memory! 😉

This is a blog where I plan on sharing tutorials, samples, and ideas around Tableau APIs and random technology that I try out. I'm always open to new ideas so don't be shy and say hi or drop me a topic request! I'm just getting started so stay tuned for more coming soon!

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About Me

Hi, I'm Keshia, an ex-Tableau Product Manager currently bringing data together at Algolia with a love for building fun random apps and helping people solve problems. Keep coming back to my blog to learn how to use Tableau APIs and developer tools or to hear about other cool tech I'm learning about!

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