Are you just as frustrated as I am with trying to find the Olympic events you are interested in and creating your own watching schedule? In this overview I'll share how I approached creating my own Olympics web app with web scraping.
Have you ever opened a massive Tableau workbook with multiple data sources and had no clue which sheets use which sources? Here's a quick tool that you can use to map out data sources and the worksheets that use them!
In this tutorial I'll show you a quick and easy way to use Google App Scripts to bring a hosted CSV into a Google Sheet on an automated schedule.
With Tableau Server/Online webhooks you can get notified of events any way you choose! With services like Pipedream connecting Tableau Server to other services, like Twilio, is a breeze!
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Hi, I'm Keshia, an ex-Tableau Product Manager currently evangelizing Fingerprint Pro to developers who has a love for building fun random apps and helping people solve problems. Keep coming back to my blog to learn how to use Tableau APIs and developer tools or to hear about other cool tech I'm learning about!

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